The Pilgrimís Guide to the Ka`bah (Allahís Sacred House) The Pilgrimís Guide to the Ka`bah (Allahís Sacred House)
The Pilgrimís Guide to the Ka`bah (Allahís Sacred House) The Pilgrimís Guide to the Ka`bah (Allahís Sacred House)
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Advice and important issues for the pilgrim

General advice:

  1. Avoid debt for performing Hajj as it is wrong, since pilgrimage is not obligatory (wajib) except for those who can afford the expenses and the journey.
  2. Try hard to learn the rites of Hajj in order not to incur upon yourself what might ruin your act of worship or lessen your reward without you knowing.
  3. Do your best to abide by the tradition (Sunnah) of the Prophet (peace be upon him) according to your ability and circumstances.
  4. My brother the pilgrim, be aware of the fact that imitating the different juristic schools is unavoidable during the pilgrimage - therefore, try not to overburden yourself . "Allah does not charge a soul except [with that within] its capacity".
  5. Try hard to avoid watching people (other pilgrims) and concentrate on your own actions and the right way of worship, this is because you may see strange acts performed by some Muslims out of ignorance. Try to remain calm and patient because these are lofty manners.
  6. Avoid committing sins and keep away from arguments and disputes.
  7. Avoid competing with other pilgrims in a crowd or hurting them during Tawaf, Sa'y and other acts of worship.
  8. Avoid any clash or contact with women at very crowded places (as in Tawaf, Sa'y and Arafat).
  9. Do not question yourself or any other one for the reason for performing some acts of worship and try to submit yourself to Allah.
  10. You must be friendly and kind to the inhabitants of Makkah and Madinah, and beware of treating them or using violence with them, as the inhabitants of Makkah are the neighbors of Allah's House and the inhabitants of Madinah are the neighbors of Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him).

Advice during Tawaf:

  1. My brother the pilgrim, keep in mind that the Tawaf is the greeting of Al-Haram; it is also a prayer but Allah allowed speech in it. Therefore, purification (Tahara) from the major and minor impure states and covering the 'aurah (private parts) are pre-conditions for Tawaf.
  2. Avoid standing for a long time at the Black Stone in order to point to it since that may lead to severe congestion.
  3. Avoid competing with the crowd to kiss the Black Stone because its kissing is a Sunnah while not causing harm to yourself and to other people is obligatory (wajib), and the obligation takes precedence over the Sunnah.
  4. It is desirable for the pilgrim to be submissive, showing reverence with a present heart during Tawaf.
  5. Continuity between the seven rounds of Tawaf is a confirmed Sunnah.
  6. Avoid during Tawaf cracking or crossing of fingers. Also eating and drinking are detested and speaking other than the remembrance of Allah and invocation.
  7. Tawaf is hated under the pressure of urine, excrement or wind.
  8. Be careful to perform Tawaf from behind Hijr Isma'il, and not from inside it, because by doing so the pilgrim would have circumambulated only part of the Ka'bah, not the whole Ka'bah, which makes that round void and nil.
  9. Avoid raising your voice during Tawaf as this may disrupt other pilgrims doing Tawaf.
  10. Avoid al-Ramal (fast walking) in all rounds because al-Ramal is Sunnah only during the first three rounds of the Tawaf which is followed by Sa'y.
  11. Al-Ramal is a Sunnah during the first three rounds and exposing the right shoulder in the form of Idibaa' during all rounds which are followed by Sa'y (only for men).
  12. Ramal during Tawaf and jogging during Sa'y are not Sunnah for women.
  13. Avoid Idibaa' during prayers.
  14. Avoid rubbing yourself against the station (Maqam) of Ibrahim and kissing it because this is an innovation which is in violation of the Sunnah, so is rubbing oneself against the walls of the Ka'bah.
  15. Avoid insisting on performing prayers behind Maqam Ibrahim after finishing Tawaf when it is over-crowded since praying is permissible anywhere within the Haram.
  16. Women must avoid exposing their hair to men at their release of Ihram (when clipping the hair).

Advice on the day of Arafah:

  1. Be persistent in raising the voice during Talbiyah while marching to Arafah.
  2. Avoid laziness, inactiveness and wasting time on the day of Arafah and occupy yourself with invocations and the remembrance of Allah. The prophet (peace be upon him) said: "The best invocation is the invocation (Du'a) on the day of Arafah".
  3. Be careful to turn one's face to the direction of the Ka'bah when invoking if possible.
  4. Make sure to stand within the borders of Arafah and not outside it.
  5. The pilgrim inside the Namirah Mosque should be aware that three quarters of the mosque is within the borders of Arafah while the remaining quarter is outside Arafah. Therefore, take care otherwise ,you would miss the correct standing in Arafah and consequently you would miss the Pilgrimage all together.
  6. Avoid standing on the Mount of Mercy because it might result in overcrowding and harming other people.
  7. Take care to desend from Arafah after sunset because by doing so you combine between night and day, but if you descend before sunset you must offer a sacrifice.
  8. Beware of mistrusting Allah, by having any doubt that Allah didn't forgive you because that would be the first sin you would commit after Arafah.

Advice in Mina:

  1. You must be certain that the pebbles are thrown within the intended target and not to throw them at random.
  2. Avoid throwing the pebbles all at one time, because by doing so the pilgrim is considered to have thrown one pebble only.
  3. Avoid throwing the pebbles in reverse of the correct order. You must start from the minor Jamara (Al-Soughra), then the middle Jamara (Al-Wusta) then Jamarat Al-'Aqabah (Al-Kubra).
  4. Avoid throwing a less number of pebbles intentionally (nor more), unless you doubted the number you had thrown.
  5. Don't forget making supplications after throwing the minor Jamra and the middle Jamra as not doing so would contradict the prophetic tradition (Sunnah) and also would cause the loss of a great source of blessing.
  6. Don't invoke after Al-Jamra Al-Kubra (Jamrat Al-'Aqaba) since that contradicts with the Sunnah.

Advice in Madinah:

  1. Good commitment to the prophetic tradition (Sunnah) and to show great reverence to it.
  2. When the pilgrim is asked to transfer someone's salutations to Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) he shouldn't say peace be upon you Messenger of Allah from (Sheikh, Hajj, engineer or doctor so and - so) But he mentions only his name (without titles) because there aren't any titles in the presence of the Leader of Messengers (peace be upon him).
  3. Do your best to perform prayers in the honorable garden (Al Rawda) because it is a garden from the gardens of paradise.
  4. Do not wipe against or kiss the wall of the grave.
  5. Walk in Madinah with serenity, reverence and great politeness (since you are walking on the footsteps of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions).
  6. Do not laugh or speak loudly because raising the voice in the presence of Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) invalidates good deeds.
  7. Don't smoke. If you are a smoker try hard to stop it in the Holy Lands because it is considered a sinful act especially in the city of Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) and it is also regarded as impoliteness in the presence of the great Messenger (peace be upon him).

By: Castalia

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